Santa's Elves don't make this unique brand of crap.  
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Letters To Santa
You know what books are useful, those "Resumes that get noticed" style of books.  There are tons of them.  "Sales Letters that Sell", "Pamphlets that Peruse", even "Cover Letters that Kill" (or was that a low-budget horror movie?  Anyway, those types of books are really useful.

I'm not the type of dad that lets an opportunity slip for my kids.  If there is something out there that can let them get ahead, I'll do it.  You see, I am a great dad.  Here is one thing that I am working on to make sure my kids have a great Christmas haul.  

First, The Problem:  Look at this Christmas list my 4 and a half year old put together.  

What kind of crap is this?  I know that he can't spell and he tried really hard, but seriously, little guy, you should know your limitations.  Santa and his elves can't read this shit.  You need to hire this out.  
Using My Letters To Santa That Get Noticed Techniques look at what we created instead:  

There you Go!  Let's look at what we have here:
  • Eye-catching format and style!
  • Festive holiday theme
  • Great Font (always go with a script style font with Santa)
  • Lead off with an action word or goal.  
  • Be respectful
  • Show that you know something about his operation (he uses elves)
  • Compliment his choices
  • Keep the list brief yet specific ("with Octopus" tells him which pirate ship you want).  
  • Hand signed to let him know you aren't spamming him.  
Would you like to create your own keepsake?  Here is a blank version.  Feel free to download and print it out.

My wife says that this Christmas list will make an excellent keepsake and that we can look back at it next year.  I know that my son won't be, because he would be pissed if Santa didn't come through with exactly what he wanted.  Fortunately, without the list he will forget and he'll be happy with whatever the jolly old dude brings him.  

Here is another example of a great letter to santa.  This one pulled out all of the stops.  Here is how you can make one just like it.  

  • Download the image above.
  • Use some really fancy bond paper and print it out.
  • Have your kid use his/her best penmanship for the list.
  • Apply a bow or ribbon.
  • For the ultimate in fanciness, go to the wedding section of the craft store and buy a "wedding wax stamper".  It is a stamp that allows you to emboss your initial onto any document or letter. 
  • Drip on some molten wax and then stamp it.  Adding the family seal really tells Santa that you know what's up.  

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