Santa's Elves don't make this unique brand of crap.  
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Extreme Gingerbread
A few years back, I started to find success as a pumpkin carver.  I made a website called ExtremePumpkins.com and started to write some books.  It was fun, but then when October was over I was lonely and bored (not really).  I decided to work on something else.  That something else was Gingerbread Houses.  My friends and I created some really silly ones and I made a website about it called GingerbreadGhetto.com.  I suggest that you visit it for a laugh.  I've also included a couple of the houses here as well.

Gingerbread ghetto
This was my attempt at a Gingerbread Liquor Store.  I guess I was tired of cutesy gingerbread houses and decided to make something a little bit darker.  

Injured Gingerbread Man
I used a gingerbread man kit to make this one.  Rather than cute buttons and leiderhosen I went for the leg cast and bandages.  

Gingerbread arson
GingerbreadGhetto.com featured an entire arson scene with this gingerbread house.  I like burning stuff and this one looked great after the fire was done.  

The Gingerbread Decaptitator
One of personal favorites was this use of a gingerbread man making kit.  This was so very easy to make and has a great look.  I hope you will consider making one.  I call him "the decapitator".  

Gingerbread peep show
My friend Gabby kicks ass.  I paid her an incredibly small amount of money and she made me this gingerbread peep show complete with signs and money-holding, angry gingerbread men.  Friends are a wonderful thing.  

Check out GingerbreadGhetto.com for more silly gingerbread stuff or Check out my company PriveCo where we shot all of these photographs.