Santa's Elves don't make this unique brand of crap.  
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Free Range Turkey Prank
I dedicate this free range turkey prank to my sister Valerie, who was the recipient of my greatest prank of all time (more about this later).  Here is how to prank your friends on Thanksgiving day.

A week or so before thanksgiving, tell your friends that you met a turkey farmer and pre-ordered a free range, organic, grass-fed, all natural turkey.  The day before Thanksgiving, have an accomplice tell people that when you went to pick up the turkey, the farmer actually handed you a live turkey in the cage!  

Meanwhile you can use some leftover halloween supplies to craft a slaughterhouse scene in the kitchen.  Woo Hoo!
I made this apron.  You can buy a blank apron at the craft store.  I think most people write things like "Grandma's Kitchen" on there.  I had other plans.  I used some turkey feathers (craft store) and blood-red paint to complete the illusion.  
Here I am ready to great my guests.  That is a real turkey neck, but all of the blood is fake.  Fun.  

How I pranked my sister.

My poor sister had no nieces.  She was the only girl in the family and when each baby came along, they all came out wrong.  I heard that she told her coworker that one niece was totally wrong "it had a penis".  Well, when my wife was pregnant with twins and we learned that one was a girl, my sis was thrilled.  

When the babies were born, she booked the first flight she could to come see her "niece and nephew", but I knew that she was only interested in the girl.  You see, my sis had taken much longer to come visit or first kid, a boy.  Of course, I welcomed her visit, she is my sister and I love her dearly.  

Like any good prank, things go best when you have helpers.  The more innocent the helpers, the better.  In this case, I had my lovely wife and our oh-so-gentle nanny.  Here was the plan:  I would go to the airport to pick up my sister.  My wife and nanny would dress our newborn son in pink and daughter in blue.  (backwards). 

When my sister arrived, she saw the pink and went straight for it.  She sat right down and cuddled here precious little newborn niece.  A few minutes later, on cue, our nanny exclaimed "Tom, can you two change the twins diapers, there was a spill upstairs".  My wife was still recovering from giving birth, so I asked my sis if she would help.  My sis has never changed a diaper in her life, but to no one's surprise she said "I'll change this sweetie-weetie's diapie wipie!"  Lisa got the camera to "take a picture of Aunt Val actually changing a diaper, ha ha!".  

You should have seen her face when she pulled off the pink diaper and saw my son's privates!  She shook her head, then didn't say anything for a couple of seconds and while we started laughing she said "they aren't both like THIS are they?"  It was priceless and we even have a photo of it happening.  My sister got her niece, but like all good things in life, it didn't come easily.