Santa's Elves don't make this unique brand of crap.  
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The Junk Food Cornucopia
I thought it would be funny to fill a cornucopia with junk food.  Why?  I don't really know, I just thought the juxtaposition of a tradition symbol of the harvest and some manufactured foods would be funny.  Maybe that is just my sense of humor.  Here is the photo:

This was actually really easy to create once I found a cornucopia.  Finding the cornucopia though, was an experience.  

First, I headed to the craft store.  They seemed like they had every other wicker thing on the planet, why not a cornucopia.  It was 6 days before Thanksgiving, I figured their shelves would be thick with cornucopiae.  Wrong!  Not only did they not have any, my conversation with the woman who worked there went like this:
Me:  "Do you know if you have any cornucopias"  I knew not to use the Latin plural, I went with the simple s insted.  
Her:  "What is that"
Me:  "You know, one of those horn things (making a strange gesture with my hands that looked like pulling taffy).  
Her:  Blank Stare
Me:  "You know, the horn of PLENTY.  Pilgrims, that sort of thing..."
Her:  "Oh yeah, those, they are out of season, I think they went on clearance last month."  
Me:  "Thanks.  Maybe I'll look around and find the last one"

Out of season?  Thanksgiving is in 6 days, today is peak season for cornucopiae.  In fact, I declare today cornucopia day.  I don't think that girl had any idea what a cornucopia was.  Perhaps she didn't graduate from 2nd grade where the cornucopia plays a major part in the thanksgiving pageant.  

I finally found a cornucopia at a nursery called English Gardens.  They had one, but they had to dismantle a little display that someone had built  using the cornucopia.  They were happy to see it find a nice home though and said "thank you" when I bought it.  

My company is called PriveCo.  We sell anything that is embarrassing to buy at a store or pharmacy.  We sell thousands of different things, but not cornucopiae.