Santa's Elves don't make this unique brand of crap.  
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Bacon Turkey
Bacon and Turkey go together like a club sandwich and a club sandwich.  That is why a few years ago I wrapped a turkey breast in bacon and smoked it on the weber grill.  It was pretty darned good.  This year, I decided to wrap and entire turkey.  It was pretty darned good as well. 

Here are some pictures of the bacon wrapped turkey.  Making it was easy.  I took a turkey, wrapped it in an entire package of bacon and then roasted it.  Then I pulled the bacon off of the turkey before I carved it.  I even served the bacon on the platter.  It was great and the roasted bacon made for great sandwiches the next day.  

There it is in its pre-cooked glory.  My four year old asked if we could eat it now.  

Here it is after the roasting was done.  As you can see, not only is the turkey done just right, but the bacon is quite crispy and delicious.  The gravy made from the pan-drippings was pretty awesome as well. 

How did it taste?  Ask the princess.  She tore through a drumstick like it was made of macaroni and cheese.  The bacon wrapped turkey was a big hit in our house.    

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