Santa's Elves don't make this unique brand of crap.  
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About Me
Tom Nardone and Family

Hi, I'm Tom Nardone.  I am the guy behind this website.  I write these types of things as sort of a second job.  My primary job is as the CEO of the World's Most Private Company, but in my spare time and with the enthusiastic following of my three kids I create silly things.  

This particular project is all about turning holiday traditions into something surprising.  I am enjoying the project and building up to a book release in the fall of 2010.  I am writing this, the site and the book in late 2009 during this holiday season.  This makes it especially fun around our house.  

My hobbies include playing with my three kids (shown here, although my youngest is facing away from the camera), cooking, creating things, cars and motorcycles.  

I am experienced author.  I have written three best sellers that focus on Halloween.  This will be my first book outside of that holiday, but it really isn't a big stretch for me.  

TV shows like to have me on around Halloween, so I have a lot of experience with that.  I've been on Good Morning America twice, Regis and Kelly Twice, Conan, MTV, History and Travel Channels and a number of other local and national broadcasts.  I have a fun and interesting way of doing things and the TV segments always reflect that.  

If you are looking for interesting topics to cover around the holidays, give me a call through PriveCo Inc. (my company) or send me an e-mail.  Include the word "press" in the title and I'll respond right away.  

Thanks for reading Extreme Holiday Ideas.com.